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You Have Goals

We need to know that you have goals and objectives for your website. All projects need measurable, achievable and time bound goals.

Having goals might seem unimportant to you, but we need these to know where you want to be and when.

Finally, goals are used to determine how successful we are and how serious you are about your project.

You Have A Realistic Budget

You understand that a website is an investment and that requires a budget. We don’t work for equity in your start-up or the promise of future work, and we don’t cut corners.

We aren’t the most expensive in the market place but we need to stay in business so we can continue to support you.

You Have Time

Websites like these take time. If we work together we need your time, LOTS of time. We won’t be working together long if you aren’t as committed to this project as I am. By agreeing to work with me you are agreeing to the project timeline.

You Have Content

Either you have an existing website with up-to-date content or are prepared to create content for your shiny new website. If your not a writer? No problem. Just let us know up front and we can include the cost of copy writing in the proposal.

Ready to build something great?

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